At Bace Build we seek to create environments that join people with space in positive and inspiring ways. Drawing from our region’s historic architectural landscape and employing a design-forward mindset, our talented team works to realize our client’s vision with sophisticated solutions, custom detail and superior craftsmanship.

Recent Work

Rochester New York

Ultra clean details

Rochester New York

Waterfall edge staircase

Rochester New York

Modern kitchen overlooking Lake Ontario

Rochester New York

Organic & minimal exterior

What We Do


Our process often begins with concept design, and can include architectural planning, 3D renderings, and shop drawings. Our design capabilities allow for a more efficient connection between concept and construction and our collaboration with architects and designers ensures continuity of vision.


We build design rich environments with a focus on architectural finishes and fine custom detail. We manage this complex process of construction with many years sound experience.


We love Upstate New York and are committed to smart, sophisticated, and responsible development – so we collaborate with clients and investors to find, design, develop and manage quality assets.

Our Team